Top Five Shows in Edinburgh this Christmas

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Top 5 Edinburgh Christmas Events


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We\’re going to update this list for 2023 soon – promise!

In the meantime check out for shows on around halloween and November in Edinburgh.

Here\’s our 2022 recommendations:

There\’s just simply too much to chose from! Edinburgh has such a wide and quality event offering this year it\’s really hard to decide what to go and see.

Well, we\’ve taken the liberty 🙂 and chosen our favourite five.

Peter Pan @ The Lyceum

The Lyceum\’s Christmas offering is packed full of wonder and beauty. Following closely to the original Peter Pan story there\’s also the emotional response to loss which gives the production it\’s power. I got to see it on opening night. Very funny, great to watch and suitable for the whole family.

Zoo Lights @ Edinburgh Zoo

Last year Edinburgh Zoo wanted to present a light show but make it stand out from the plethora of offerings now available around Scotland. They partnered with a Chinese production company and presented one of the most beautiful light shows I\’ve seen. Fortunately they\’ve decided to build on last year\’s success and do it all again.

The Miracle of Christmas Future – Traverse Theatre 

Hah- well it would be remiss of me not to put my own show there on the list! This is a futuristic magic show suitable for the whole family with blow-your-mind magic, comedy, science and robotics. It is the first time that we\’ve collaborated with the extraordinarily talented Charlie Caper. Robotics expert, magician, past winner of Sweden\’s Got Talent – he\’s dedicated to cutting edge, performances and I\’m pretty chuffed to be working with him to make our very own futuristic offering – the first show directed by an Artificial Intelligence no less! It\’s only on for 4 days, between xmas and New Year. Get your tickets here.

La Clique Noel @ Festival Square Spiegeltent

La Clique is a now legendary Spiegeltent variety show that emerged from the Edinburgh Fringe scene in 2004. Since then the varied cast have performed at festivals the world over. If you want an adult-only circus and variety night out, then this is your show. Although I\’ve not seen this incarnation I know many of the performers and have seen them work before. They\’re gorgeous and entrancing.

Photographic Illusion Exhibition – Scottish Story Telling Centre & Museum of Childhood

This one\’s on the list because 1) IT\’S FREE (there\’s not much in Edinburgh this time of year that is) and 2) it\’s just a delightful project to have been a part of. Richard Wiseman is a celeb academic with a big heart who has helped us produce a photographic illusion exhibition using Edinburgh Young Carers as the stars of the shoot. The exhibition is in the Storytelling Centre, but if you want to see backstage then you can cross the road to the Museum of Childhood to see how it all came together.

So I hope that helps navigate your way through the massive Edinburgh festival offering.

Have fun!

Kevin (MagicFest Artistic Director)


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