Edinburgh\’s Christmas Magic Spectacular!

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For the first time ever a robot directs a theatre show! Nothing can go wrong..

Tickets are selling fast for the alternative festive show this winter in Edinburgh\’s Christmas line up. The Miracle of Christmas Future is a collaboration between Charlie Caper and Kevin Quantum. The show will feature cutting edge robotic technology, futuristic illusions and offers a glimpse into a world where robots and humans interact side by side.

From Kevin Quantum \”This is fundamentally a magic show – we really want to blow your mind. But what\’s new is the robot element, a look at what\’s coming in maybe just 10 or 20 years from now. Charlie and I started from the concept of a robot that was worried if Santa would visit his house at Christmas and just developed from there. It\’s probably one of the most fun and interesting collaborations I\’ve ever worked on.\”

From Charlie \”the show will have humour and also more intense moments but will leave you with a warm feeling all over when you leave the theatre. We want to amaze, amuse and challenge you. \”

Charlie Caper is an internationally recognised magician. He well known in Sweden after winning Sweden\’s Got Talent a few years ago, and also was the star of one of the biggest European TV magic shows in the last decade.

Kevin Quantum is based in Edinburgh. His two loves are bringing joy to people and fusing magic & science.

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