"Magic School" with Gary James

Online Resource

Linked to Scottish and English School Curricula
Ages: 7-12 years old
Tickets: Free to use

Magic School 2023 tickets aren’t on sale yet but you can still be part of the fun with Virtual Magic School – our free to use interactive magic course! Sign up for free at magicfest.co.uk/vms

MagicFest 2022 TEXT

“The perfect Christmas gift for young sorcerers aged 7-10!”

Imagine if your homework was making a pencil float, or making a coin disappear, or even reading your little sister’s mind? Well, this year’s Christmas challenge is to learn the real secrets of magic from a professional magician – Headmaster Gary James!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to properly perform magic, then join us for a spellbinding 2.5-hour workshop for young magicians. In addition to learning tricks, we’ll introduce presentation skills and work on building confidence to ensure student conjurers get the best introduction to performing magic in front of audiences.

Have some tricks at home already? Bring them along! Don’t let that Christmas magic set gather dust, learn how to use it with a class full of student magicians at the only hands-on magic training school in Scotland. Become a graduate of the most mysterious school in the world – Magic School.

Please note, all children should be registered for Magic School in advance. Please fill in the Registration Form online.

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