Kevin Quantum Launches Free Daily Magic Lessons

MagicFest Artistic Director Kevin Quantum delighted to announce the launch of ‘Quantum Magic Lab’!

With all the craziness in the world right now Kevin is going to use his powers for good for the next few months by creating daily magic tuition videos that he’ll be putting out on his youtube channel!

This is for geeks, kids stuck at home, or anyone who’s ever been intrigued by magic.

Magic is an amazing educational tool and we want to teach magician skills – performing, sleight of hand, we want to get you thinking, creating, making stuff. Of course Kevin is a magician-scientist so he’ll be putting a science spin on it all; not just how it works but the deeper secrets of why it works! Like a weird fusion of Hogwarts and CERN.

The whole thing will be designed so you should have everything you need in your stationary drawer and your dry recycling bin. All you’ll need for the first lesson is an elastic band (or hair bobble) and your hands and a table to sit at.

You can subscribe to Kevin Quantum YouTube channel here.

And please share away – this is one magic secret we want everyone to know about!