Sell Out Shows!

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Heads up if you\’re looking for Magic School, Hogmanay House and Gala Tickets.

Some dates for these shows have now sold out, although other dates are available.

Magic School, for kids aged 7-10 years old, has proven to be a great xmas present. Some sessions have now sold out.

Hogmanay House, taking place at Lauriston Castle 2-5 Jan, is a magical first-foot round a striking castle on the outskirts of Edinburgh, with live music, storytelling, tall tales and of course magic! The early 3.30pm shows are all now close to sell out.

Magical Madness by Ricky McLeod is a show for all Ages. His first show is sold out but still availability in the secod show.

MagicFest Gala is a mixed bill, featuring, amongst others Colin Cloud (Scotland\’s biggest magic star), Chloe Crawford, Lewis Barlow, Adam Black and Matthew Dowden. This hasn\’t sold out yet but the afternoon show is now getting close.

Hope to see you soon for amazing magic, laughs and to celebrate our tenth anniversary!

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