Rescheduled MagicFest Shows on in March/April 2022 & during Easter Holidays!

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Easter 2022 Line up for MagicFest Announced!


For the first time ever MagicFest has shows on over the Easter Holidays! Sadly during the normal Festival dates, in December last year, many shows were cancelled or postponed due to the Omicron Outbreak. However the shows have now been rescheduled (Eyes Open Eyes Shut) and shows that sold out (The Trick That Fooled and Trick Ricky) have added extra dates over the Easter Holidays at the Storytelling Centre! 

The Storytelling Centre, a stunning & modern theatre in the heart of the Edinburgh old town, is home to repeat performances of Kevin Quantum\’s The Trick That Fooled, and Tricky Ricky\’s new show The Funny Punny Magic Show. There\’s something for the whole family this easter on the 9th and 10th April exclusively.

Kevin Quantum says \”We\’re back – in Easter! Woop woop! Sadly during decemer 2021 we had to reduce the capacity of the theatre in half due to social distancing measures. Many people who wanted to attend these winter performances were unable to, as these shows completely sold out at their reduced capacities. So I\’m delighted that my self and Ricky are back again in Easter to let folks who couldn\’t come at Christmas, come in April instead!\”

For full details of all MagicFest rescheduled and Easter events 2022 see

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