New Exhibition Announced

Edinburgh first city to host illusion-installation fusing magic, science and floristry!


Edinburgh International Magic Festival organisers have created a brand new illusion, under the title \”Sweet Dreams\”, fusing magic, science and floristry that sees a beautiful bed of flowers magically change colour as you travel 360 degrees around it. The illusion, inspired by the magical nature of dreams where anything is possible, reflects this year’s MagicFest theme of ‘Awake in Wonder’.

The Colour Changing Flower Bed project has been 2 years in the making and is the first time a magician (Kevin McMahon AIMC), mathematician (Dr Mark Collins) and florist (Alice Shaw) have worked together to create such an illusion. The concept uses a bedstead with the mattress replaced with over 1000 flowers, painstakingly placed in precise positions inside a frame made out of playing cards that have been used in past magic performances. Each work is meticulously put together by hand and the idea behind the project is that to explore different possibilities you have to move to change your perspective, and make a dream a reality.

Between the 20th of June and the 3rd of July bedsteads loaded with fresh cut flowers will appear in prime locations around the city centre: to see locations and dates of \’Sweet Dreams\’ click here

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