MagicFest Opening Party TONIGHT!

Put on your best robe, jump on your nimbus 2000 and meet up with your beautiful assistants at Summerhall to celebrate the launch of MagicFest 2017 tonight!

Our opening party at Summerhall boasts 20 wizards, workshops, live shows, installations, live music, open air courtyard, street food and magic!

Stay for 2 hours – stay for 4.
Make a friend – lose a friend.
Be part of a impromptu magic show in the courtyard or sit agog with childlike wonder as objects appear and disappear right in front of your nose.

MagicFest\’s opening night party at Summerhall is the first big night of the Summer holidays.

So get your tickets here and be like her below. Agog. (Love that word. We should use it more often. Let\’s make it the word of the night. Winner gets a cocktail on me.)


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