MagicFest awarded New Arts Sponsorship Grant

MagicFest awarded New Arts Sponsorship Grant to help create more magic moments

\"Edinburgh  \"\"

4 June 2014

The Edinburgh International Magic Festival, 27 June – 4 July, is delighted to announce they have been awarded a New Arts Sponsorship Grant to help develop a new partnership with Krispy Kreme. Funded by the Scottish Government, and delivered by Arts & Business Scotland, the deal worth a five figure sum is the first time Krispy Kreme has sponsored the arts.

The new partnership sees Scotland’s first Krispy Kreme and MagicFest provide festival goers with a variety of special activity including sampling, exclusive product and ticket discounts, in store performances and video stunts.

The aim of the New Arts Sponsorship Grant is to encourage new and sustainable arts and business relationships, helping to strengthen communities by developing creative and effective partnerships between business and the arts. Eligible business sponsorships of arts activity can apply for £1 for £1 match funding, based on a minimum sponsorship of £1,000 (cash or in kind) up to a maximum of £40,000.

Kevin McMahon, Artistic Director, Edinburgh International Magic Festival said: “In addition to our longstanding principal sponsors, we’re very excited to announce a new partnership with Krispy Kreme this year. We\’re really looking forward to working with a huge brand that loves magic just as much as we do.”
The Krispy Kreme Hotlight store opened at Hermiston Gait, Edinburgh in February 2013 and was the most successful opening Krispy Kreme has ever had. Famous for their Original Glazed doughnuts, one of 16 varieties, customers can enjoy a special magic moment double dozen for £13 during the Edinburgh International Magic Festival.

Damian Austin, UK Retail Sales Manager, Krispy Kreme, said: “Every day our store teams create magic moments for our customers, and no matter what age you are, magic has that wonderful way of drawing you in and leaving you amazed at what you have just experienced. You can understand why Krispy Kreme sees the many similarities and great opportunities by sponsoring MagicFest.”

Chief Executive of Arts & Business Scotland, David Watt said: \”Arts & Business Scotland is delighted to have been able to facilitate match funding to the Edinburgh International Magic Festival following its successful sponsorship agreement with Krispy Kreme. This is a fantastic example of two well-known brands coming together to forge a relationship which will not only promote the arts to a wider audience but will bring mutual benefits to both partners.\”

The fifth Edinburgh International Magic Festival sees magic collide with theatre, science, comedy, history, sideshow, technology and psychology as performers from the widest fields of interest come together in the festival capital to give audiences a magical experience.

Kevin added: “The Krispy Kreme partnership is massively exciting for us and we’re looking forward to creating as many magic moments as possible across Edinburgh during MagicFest.”
Open up to magic at the fifth Edinburgh International Magic Festival from the 27 June till the 4 July.

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