Levitating Over Edinburgh!


Edinburgh International Magic Festival is delighted to announce the performance of German levitation artist Johan Lorbeer on the Grassmarket this weekend.

Johan will be exhibiting his still life performance titled \”Tarzan Standing Leg\” outside \’The Lot\’ on the 28th and 29th June. Performances will be free to view and take place around midday and 5pm and will last 90 minutes each.

Johan will levitate a couple of metres off the ground next to a building. It\’s a remarkable, magical and unique piece of living art. \”Tarzan Standing Leg\” has been performed/exhibited throughout the world and we\’re delighted to welcome him to Edinburgh this weekend – where ever he goes, 1000s of people are entranced by his work.

The title refers to a modern mythological character of Tarzan, for whom the law of gravity is less than existent. The second part – Standing Leg – refers to an academic term describing the static leg of antique statues which hold the entire bodyweight of the statue.

Johan\’s performance will be part of a week of events for the Edinburgh International Magic Festival running from 27th June – 4th July around the centre of Edinburgh.

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