Easter 2020 Pop Up Events

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We got bored waiting for Christmas so we decided to put some shows on sale for the Easter Holidays! 

Check out one of our in-house produced event – You Are Magic! – on at the Storytelling Centre on the Royal Mile for Easter. Magic Gareth stars in our brand new production, perfect for ages 4-10 years old. 8-9th April at the Storytelling Centre on the Royal Mile.


Maybe you want something for the older kids? And grown-ups with a childish sense of humour? Then check out Kevin Quantum and Trick Trick BOOM! This show has been presented all around the world, receiving 5 star reviews in three different continents. Face paced, blow-your-brains, hilarious magic that will rock your socks off. And you won\’t even have to take off your shoes. Runs 8-9 April at the Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh.




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