2018 Launch – 28 February

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Just a few days till the launch of the 9th Edinburgh International Magic Festival.

Returning to the programme is the Gala at the Lyceum Theatre, the biggest and most spectacular magic and variety show in Scotland. Also our historical magic series \”The Secret Room\” is returning at Lauriston Castle and The Writers\’ Museum, featuring some of Scotland\’s best magicians.

And we even have a new event which you will need a wizard\’s hat to attend…

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Here\’s a few words from our audience:

“Proof you don’t have to travel miles to see top quality professional magic! Absolutely fantastic Gala”

“MagicFest gala night – last event of a brilliant festival-good luck – it’ll be a fabulous show @MagicFest @Edtheatres”

“@MagicFest Brilliant closing gala”

“@MagicFest @Kevinquantum fantastic gala… Kevin you carried it”

“What an amazing Gala show at MagicFest absolutely superb! Congrats to @kevinquantum &team&all this years acts #takeabow see you next year!”

“Fantastic Gala to close Magicfest 2017. Already looking forward to Christmas and MagicFest 2018.”

“Spent this afternoon exploring Lauriston Castle thanks to @edmagicfest and enjoying a preview of the Secret Room which will be part of the magic festival. If you get a chance it’s a really special setting to enjoy some magic close up, lots of interesting stories and secret passageways. // #edmagicfest #instamagicmeet #thelittleadventurer


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