Find below teacher resources and curricula links for Virtual Magic School.


We found, generally, that children aged 7-8 years old benefitted from completing the lessons as a class. 9 and over were able to complete some of the lessons working alone on devices but also benefitted from classroom completion.


Before you start – best check your internet speed. speedtest.net

If your speed is below 10Mbps then stornaway won’t work correctly for you and you may experience buffering or skipping.

Videos are freezing or skipping

VMS is made on Stornoway.io software which can detect the resolution of your device and like YouTube will try to jump down to a lower resolution if it senses 1) the screen will adapt and 2) the internet connection is slow.

That said sometimes it doesn’t work. Take the speed test as advised above. If your connection is too slow then you will sadly experience these isssues and will need to use a faster connection.

Do I need to download and install any software for VMS?

No – it will run through your internet browser.

When I click a link it takes me to the wrong video

Please let us know, email at info@magicfest.co.uk and we’ll try and fix it!

What devices can I use this on?

It should work on phones, ipads/tablets and laptops/destops – anything that has an internet browser!

What Internet browser should I use?

We’ve tried it on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and it works on all of them.

How do I leave feedback?

You can leave feedback here:
Adults / Teachers