Kevin Quantum: Neon Future

Event Details

Date – 31st Jul – 26 Aug

Time – 6pm

Venue – Gilded Balloon (Patter Hoos on Chambers Street)

Price – £8 – 13.5

This year Kevin examines our evolution using the only discipline able to illustrate our incredible possible futures, here, in the present: magic. Having spent half of his adult life studying physics and half magic, Kevin explores the exotic space where science and magic meet. Expect epic stunts and illusions from the magician-scientist hybrid trained by Penn & Teller. Edinburgh sell-out 2015-18.

Best Magic winner, Adelaide Fringe.
Best Cabaret Weekly Award, Fringe World.
‘Part magic, part science, part comedy… all genius’ ***** (
‘Breathtakingly curious illusions’ ***** (
‘Epic stunts’ ***** (
‘Master illusionist’ ****1/2 (Advertiser, Adelaide).