Visiting Edinburgh

EdinburghEdinburgh is a truly Magical City. Ancient buildings, hidden closes and underground vaults deliver a mystical atmosphere, which continues with enchanting and stunning landscapes outside the city.

Harry Potter fans worldwide will forever associate the City of Edinburgh with the image of J. K. Rowling huddled over a cold coffee creating their favourite fictional witches and wizards.

Edinburgh is unique; the entire city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Edinburgh Castle dominates the city-centre skyline and from its ramparts you can look down on medieval lanes and elegant, sweeping terraces that hold over a thousand years of history, mystery and tradition. Yet you will also see a modern, dynamic capital where international festivals attract the world’s leading performers, galleries display cutting-edge art, and bars, restaurants and clubs create a lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere with a distinctly Scottish twist.

‘Edinburgh,’ said writer Robert Louis Stevenson, ‘is what Paris ought to be’.

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